Micropigmentation services offered in West Palm Beach, FL

If you long for a more desirable hairline or permanent makeup, see the experts at Wellington Rejuvenation Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. The highly trained med spa specialists offer micro-pigmentation for your skin or scalp to create the aesthetically pleasing look you desire without invasive treatments or downtime. Schedule a cosmetic consultation at Wellington Rejuvenation Center by phone or online today.

Micropigmentation Q & A

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation at Wellington Rejuvenation Center uses cutting-edge tattooing technology to apply permanent pigment to your skin or scalp. The treatment is FDA-approved, long-lasting, and highly effective for achieving your aesthetic goals.

Micropigmentation can produce the look of permanent makeup or an impeccable hairline. The treatment uses a tattoo-like cosmetic device to apply pigment to targeted tissues.

What are the advantages of micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation offers an array of benefits, particularly youthful beauty and long-term cost savings. The treatment is a convenience, as you can avoid time spent applying and removing non-permanent makeup. You also save time and money when choosing scalp micropigmentation, by reducing the need for continuous hair restoration. 

What is micropigmentation used for?

Wellington Rejuvenation Center offers micropigmentation to achieve the look of:

  • Eyebrow penciling
  • Shaved hairline 
  • Eyeshadow 
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip color
  • Other types of makeup

Your Wellington Rejuvenation Center provider customizes each micropigmentation treatment based on your preferences and aesthetic goals. 

Is micropigmentation right for me?

Your med spa specialists determine which micropigmentation solution best suits you after discussing your medical history and desired results. They also examine your face or scalp and create a plan for flawless beauty using a creative eye.

What happens during micropigmentation treatment?

Before completing micropigmentation, your provider cleans the treatment area and numbs it to optimize comfort. They use a handheld microneedling device to add pigment to your face to create permanent makeup or to your scalp to mimic the look of shaved hair.

Your treatment may last several hours, depending on the type of micropigmentation treatment you undergo. Multiple treatment sessions often produce the most desirable outcome. Your med spa provider offers recommendations regarding when to schedule your next treatment.

What should I expect after the procedure?

After micropigmentation at Wellington Rejuvenation Center, the treatment area is often temporarily red, swollen, or tender during the healing process. It’s important to keep these areas clean and protect your skin and scalp from the sun. Schedule repeat micropigmentation treatments or periodic touch-up procedures as needed, and call your provider with questions.

Book a micropigmentation consultation at Wellington Rejuvenation Center by calling the office or using the online booking tab today.